“Behind every good investment there is a great idea and a strong partner.”

We started our journey with this idea. And today we keep on growing together with our partners by adding value to great ideas.


At ImaGroup we have carried out many projects and investment operations in Europe to date. In the light of our experience of many years we operate according to each country’s respective characteristics. From this viewpoint, Turkey creates grounds for innovative, profitable projects that can make a difference with its young population, active capital and wide selection of investments. Our goal is to implement these promising projects and to add our own values to our operations. We have started our thrilling journey in Turkey with the goal to operate in Middle Eastern and Near East countries in the near future.


To ensure that entrepreneurs reach their goals and also to contribute to economic growth through our national and international experiences, our team of experts and via projects we get into a partnership; to assure that great ideas are put to good use; to offer our support in creating new values for Turkey.

Because we believe that every great idea is worth investing in...


To become partners via our global power for projects by entrepreneurs and companies who have a vision and need investment support, to enable implementation of great ideas, and to become a pioneer company in its field.


At ImaGroup, we believe that we are capable of embracing the dynamics of our era by trusting in the power of change and attaching importance to the courage to progress.